I taught maths and physics to A level for nigh on 30 years, and on retiring from the profession I took up coaching. As a former teacher I am particularly interested in the science of running and have an extensive library on the subject. After joining the club I signed up for the Leader in Running Fitness course and then became a Coach in Running Fitness soon after. I am keen to educate my runners, not just train them. Therefore, I’ll take some time explaining why you are doing an exercise or drill and the expected effect it should have on your body and hence on your performance. In this way, you can assimilate this knowledge and incorporate what you learn into your own training programme.

England Athletics Courses attended:

Leader in Running Fitness – February 2015
Coach in Running Fitness – April 2017
Movements Skills Workshop 1 – November 2016
Movement Skills Workshop 2 – March 2017
Physical Preparation Workshop – March 2018

British Athletics – Safeguarding in Athletics – Level 2 – online course – 12 December 2018
Safeguarding Adults – UK Coaching – January 2020
Mental Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity – Level 2 – online course 9 November 2019
Using Social Media Webinar – England Athletics – March 2019
Mental Health Champions Induction – #RunAndTalk – EA February 2019
The Coach’s Role in Promoting Good Nutrition – October 2020

UK Coaching Duty to Care Badge – involving modules on Inclusion, Safeguarding, Diversity, Mental Health, and Well-being – September 2020

UK Coaching – online course on dealing with Sudden Cardiac Arrest – 16th June 2021

OU online courses completed:

Exploring sport coaching and psychology – September 2017
Improving aerobic fitness – September 2017
Exploring sport online: Athletes and efficient hearts – October 2017
Recovery strategies in sport and exercise – Level 2 – Intermediate – October 2017

Leap workshops:

Run Leader Forum – November 2015
Nutrition & Exercise Performance Workshop – Leap/University of Bedford – 19 September 2017
Technology in Sport – November 2018

BSRC presentations attended:

Mental performance 2016 – Andrew Cohen-Wray (Mental Performance Coach)
Nutrition 2017 – Sports Nutrionist
Preparing for and running marathons 2018 – Steve Edwards (Marathon runner)
Avoiding injury 2019 – Zoe Orwood (Embrace Therapies: Sports Physiotherapist)

Mental Toughness 2022 – Chloe Oldfield (Buckingham University)


New Scientist webinar May 2021 – The Truth About Exercise – Prof Jason Gill (Glasgow Universty)

New Scientist webinar Jan 2022 – Nutrition and Mental Health – Ted Dinan

Sport Science and the Limits of Human Performance, Nov 2021 – Prof Greg Whyte – Lillingstone Trust lecture, Royal Latin School