Our club standards are designed to encourage you to enter race events in order to achieve a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal.


You must achieve 50+% WAVA (age-related) score over 4 different distances, one of which must be a 10k (or greater) event.


You must achieve 55+% WAVA score over 5 different distances, one of which must be a 10 mile (or greater) event.


You must achieve 60+% WAVA score over 5 different distances, PLUS a marathon regardless of WAVA score. 


As above, but your marathon must be 60% WAVA or more


You must achieve 65+% WAVA score over 5 different distances, including a marathon with WAVA score of 65+%.


All race events & results must be verifiable through official means, such as web sites, club records etc. and it must be possible to calculate a WAVA score from these results. The Committee reserve the right to veto certain races which are not officially measured/hold a race certificate or those that are deemed untypical. Cross country events, therefore, are NOT permissible unless they have been officially measured. But we will be inclined to accept times that are well within the requisite WAVA score.

Distances will range from 1 mile to ultra-marathons and can include:

1 mile club time trial; any parkrun (5k) at any venue; a 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half and full marathons.

There are many other events over differing distances, such as the Helmdon Hurler 4.3 miles, Banbury 15 mile and Oakley 20 which can also be included.

All events MUST be completed in the same calendar year i.e. between January 1st and December 31st in order for them to contribute towards the standards.

It is the individual member’s responsibility to inform the person in charge of the Club Standards of their results. So, when emailing in race results for press articles, please make it clear if you’d like them to be included in your standards.


If you have completed a race and wish it to count towards a particular standard then let us know by completing the submission form (see above) and we’ll list your results here. We need to know the event, distance, date, your time and age on the day of the race. If you haven’t worked out your WAVA score, we’ll do it for you, but only if you provide the information listed. There is a WAVA calculator that you can use, if you wish, on the Fetcheveryone website https://www.fetcheveryone.com/training-calculators.php, but there are others.