The club will have the following information about you on a database, all of which you, yourself, provide on your Application Form …

Your name

Your postal address – this is used chiefly to deliver goods, such as club kit, medals etc where it has proved difficult to hand them to you at a club meeting.

Your email address – which is used as our main method of communicating with you about club matters

Your telephone number – to facilitate communication on a personal level

Your date of birth – only used when you ask the club to enter you for specific events, such as our cross-country teams and if you ask us to calculate WAVA scores for you.

Your membership of England Athletics – to verify your eligibility for our cross-country teams and the club’s place in the London Marathon

Any previous clubs – if you are a member of England Athletics, this is needed to amend your details so you can represent our club in events.

All the above information is kept on a database that is accessible ONLY to the club secretary, our “data controller”. Other club members, notably members of the committee and others organising events, may, from time to time, ask the club secretary for specific, relevant items of this information to assist them in the running of the club and its events. Such information will only be given if the club secretary deems it right and proper. No personal information will ever be passed on to non-members without first obtaining your specific agreement – this applies especially to your email address.

We shall no longer be asking for any medical information as we have not made use of it in the past and we expect our members to take responsibility for their own health and inform Run Leaders of any relevant ailments before partaking in any club activity. Existing medical information on our current database has been erased.

If you terminate your membership at any stage, your details will be deleted after a period of 12 months.

Other information may be held about you on our website concerning your race results that relate to Club Standards, the Championship and Handicap Competitions, and Honours Board and occasionally any race reports you participate in. There may be other personal information that you, yourself, provide, such as Members’ Profiles and Committee Members’ and Run Leaders’ details.

A separate spreadsheet of Club Championship race results is held by the club secretary or whichever member of the committee has specific responsibility for collating these results.

Your email address also is included in our “Hotmail” account and this is accessible only to selected committee members who help run the account and answer emails sent to the club. From time to time, your email address may be copied to other members in emails sent out by the club, especially where it may be helpful for you to contact other addressees directly – for example when making arrangements for a race event.

Should you wish to obtain a copy of the data we hold about you or want any of it deleted, you must send an email to the club or hand a written request to any committee member, and the club secretary will deal with the matter forthwith.

In the unlikely event of your data being hacked or lost, you will be informed of the breach as soon as this comes to light.

The club has the following social media pages: Facebook and WhatsApp. All members are free to join these pages. If you join one of the Social Media pages, please note that the providers of the social media platforms have their own privacy policies and that the club do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data on the club social media pages. With regard to our Facebook page, posts are largely specific to events concerning the club. Should you see anything you wish to have removed you need only email your concerns to the club and this will be addressed – usually within a few days.

4 th May 2018