Just in case one is required when out running please be familiar with this list of where Defibrillators are located in and around Buckingham.



Wall of Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham MK18 1RP                                     

Outside wall of Jardines Chemists, Bull Ring, Buckingham MK18 1JX

Wall of Woolpack Inn, Well Street, Buckingham MK18 1EP  

Buckingham Lawn Tennis Club Chandos Park Buckingham MK18 1AJ

Tesco just inside entrance, London Rd, Buckingham MK18 1AB (unavailable 12.00 – 6.00 am)

Wall by Reception of Bourton Meadow Academy, Burleigh Piece, Buckingham MK18 7HX                      

Outside main entrance, Buckingham School, London Rd, Buckingham MK18 1AT                            

Wall of Lace Hill Community Centre, Catchpin Street, Buckingham MK18 7RR             

Badgers Way (BT telephone box), Buckingham MK18 7HL                                             

Wall of Scout HQ & Community Centre, 53 Embleton Way, Buckingham MK18 1FH                     

Tingewick Road (lower end), West Buckingham MK18 1DZ 


Front wall of the Village Hall, Maids Moreton MK18 1QS                                                             

By village notice-board outside school, Church Hill, Akeley MK18 5HP                                         

At junction with road to village opposite telephone box, Dadford MK18 5JX                                  

Outside wall of Village Community Centre, High Street, Great Horwood MK17 0QL                     

Outside wall of Memorial Hall, Mursley Rd, Little Horwood MK17 0PA                                        

Coop Store, West Street, Steeple Claydon MK18 2NT                                                                    

Gawcott Village Hall, Buckingham Rd, Gawcott, Bucks MK18 4JD

Richard Roper Playing Fields, Lenborough road, Gawcott MK18 4JG

On wall of Village Hall, Chackmore MK18 5JE

Outside Finmere Primary School, Mere Rd, Finmere MK18 4AR                                                    

Outside wall of Village Hall, Main Street, Lillingstone Lovell MK18 5BB                                                                                

In telephone box by village hall, Main St, Tingewick MK18 4NN                                                    

Winslow Fire Station, High Street, Winslow MK18 3HF

Outside wall of Bell Hotel, Market Square, Winslow MK18 3AB



Swan Practice, Verney Close MK18 1JP

Swan Practice, Masonic House, High Street MK18 1NU

Swan Practice, North End Surgery, Buckingham Hospital MK18 1NU

Meadow Walk Dental Practice MK18 1RS

Buckingham House Dental Practice, High Street, MK18 1AD

Bank Chambers Dental Practice, Market Hill MK18 1JT

Page Hill, 8 Nightingale Place, Buckingham MK18 1UF                                      

Swan Pool, London Road MK18 1AE

Medical Room, Royal Latin School, Chandos Road MK18 1AX

PE Office, Royal Latin School, Chandos Road MK18 1AX

First Aid Room, Buckingham School, London Road, Buckingham MK18 1AT                               

Front Reception, Buckingham Primary School, Foscott Way, Buckingham MK18 1TT                     

Buckingham Golf Club (outside lower changing rooms), Tingewick Road MK18 4AE                     

Buckingham Athletic Football Club, Stratford Road MK18 1NY                                                     

Buckingham RUFC (on clubhouse wall). Floyd Fld, Moreton Rd, Maids Moreton MK18 1RF          

Outside wall of pavilion, Moretonville JFC, University Playing Fields, Gawcott MK18 4JD          

Just inside door of clubhouse, Buckingham West End BC, Brackley Road MK18 1JD                     

Red House Nursing Home, Main Street, Maids Moreton MK18 1QL

Moreton Hall Nursing Home, Church Street, Maids Moreton MK18 1QF

University of Buckingham Tanlaw Mill, Hunter Street MK18 1EG                                                  

University of Buckingham Student Welfare, Hunter Street MK18 1EG                                            

University of Buckingham, Franciscan Library, Verney Campus, London Rd, MK18 1MD     

University of Buckingham, Security vehicle (mobile)                                                                       

There are others at Buckingham Hospital and Stowe School (including one on their security vehicle). 

National Trust Stowe, New Inn Farm, Buckingham MK18 5EQ (in reception when open)